22 Aug 2015 19:10 IST

UPSC topper Ira Singhal visits FMS, her alma mater

‘An MBA helped me become a better manager’

Delhi University’s Faculty of Management Studies recently hosted its 2008 batch alumna Ira Singhal, who topped the UPSC this year. Singhal was also felicitated by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Delhi.

The gathering consisted of professors from both FMS and other colleges within DU, a group of differently-abled students, and students of FMS. Singhal spoke of her determination to do a lot of things and how doing them well made her a better manager in her college days.

She went on to discuss how she cracked the exam, which is taken by over 7 lakh applicants every year, and what kept her going. Singhal said that she wanted to change the system and create an environment that was more hospitable towards the differently abled.

When asked about how an MBA helped her in her career, Singhal said that a lot of strategies and knowledge that she gained at FMS made her a better manager and prepared her for the future. “What I got in those two years (at FMS), is something I won’t get even in forty years (if I were to try otherwise)”, she said.She also spoke about the time she visited France through a student exchange program in 2007 by FMS and how that gave her a global perspective and exposure. . A Marketing and Finance major, she also emphasised that an MBA would definitely benefit IAS officers.