25 Nov 2016 17:27 IST

IMI Kolkata hosts academic stars at the Sino-India Conference 2016

Members and participants at Sino-India Conference 2016

Alliances are necessary instruments of balance of power, said keynote speaker Anindya Majumdar

International Management Institute Kolkata hosted the Sino-India Conference 2016 on ‘India, China and the New World Order: Economic, Social and Cultural Dimensions’ in collaboration with Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), China.

The inaugural session commenced with the welcome address by the chief guest, Bratya Basu, Minister-in-charge of the Department of Information Technology and Electronics, Government of West Bengal. He endorsed the launch of the book China and India: History, Culture, Cooperation and Competition edited by academicians from IMI Kolkata, IMI Delhi and SASS, China, published in October by Sage Publications.

Geopolitical significance

Yang Xiannong, the Chinese head of the delegation, addressed the crowd and highlighted the historic exchange of culture and trade between the two countries. The keynote speaker of the conference, Anindya Jyoti Majumdar, spoke of the geo-political significance that lay in the amalgamation of the two economies and of locating India and China in the evolving system. He stressed the importance of bridging the oriental-occidental gap and described how the two nations have emerged as global leaders in the present era. “Alliances are necessary instruments of the balance of power,” he said, emphasising the importance of a rising India and China in the Trans-Pacific region.

The conference comprised various technical sessions hosted by dignitaries from the South Asian region. Prof Xing Xiaofeng and Prof Yang Huan from the Institute of History and Ethnic Religions and Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and Sen Bo, respectively, spoke to the audience on the importance of erudition by emphasising the cultural exchange from the perspective of “One Belt, One Road”.


Zhou Xiaojuan, from the Institute of Rural Development at SASS , gave a creative perspective to the construction of BCIM Economic Corridor and its global impact. Yang Huajun, from the Institute of Sociology at SASS offered insights on the peace function of the Southern Silk Route. “This will promote political mutual trust and economic development of the two emerging giants,” he said. Prof Srikumar Chatterjee, Advisor, Dr TM Das Foundation, emphasised the significance of New World Order.

The conference started off with much enthusiasm and was successful in making the students understand the importance of the confluence of the two economies. The cost benefit aspect and the potential avenues of cooperation along with the “Chindia Syndrome” gave the conference a meaningful starting point.