24 Oct 2016 18:17 IST

IIM Trichy celebrates its management and cultural fest, Dhruva

Over 250 business schools participated in the event

IIM Trichy recently celebrated its inaugural three-day management and cultural festival, Dhruva. This was the first time that a festival of this scale has been organised by the institute, with 20 events being conducted in three days. The institute hosted teams from all over the country as well as from abroad, who competed in various business and cultural activities.

The festival started with an inauguration ceremony and welcomed Sandeep Chatterjee, Associate Director of KPMG, as its chief guest. In his address he stated that such events are a good complement to the academic rigour and a great way to hone useful skills.

Also speaking on the occasion was V Gopal, Dean – Administration at IIM Trichy, where he highlighted how such events help students in implementing classroom learning. He also emphasised how organising a fest provides experience in some aspects that are not taught in the classroom. The students also received valuable industry insights from Sameer Jain, Associate Director - Online Marketing at ShopClues.com. He talked about disruptions in the e-commerce industry and various types of e-commerce websites. He stressed on how each industry is different and that management concepts learnt should be modified accordingly.

Various management and cultural events tested the business acumen and extra-curricular skills of the students. Some of the events held were Ops-Wise, Brand Warz, Explorica, Fusionen Meister, VoiceRoy, and Rampage. The events covered the fields of operations, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, human resources and social responsibility through case study presentations. The cultural events tested the musical, dancing and acting capabilities of the participants. All the events were conducted in association with the various academic and extra-curricular clubs of IIM Trichy.

Dhruva ‘16 saw participation from over 2,000 students representing over 250 business schools. Speaking on the successful beginning of the fest, the Secretary of the organising committee of Dhruva ’16, Kaushik Kumar said, “The three days of the fest have undoubtedly pushed the limits for each of us but the fact that it has helped set a platform for the participants to showcase talent and bring the best out of them gives us satisfaction. Every success starts with a small step. With the continued support of our institute, guidance of faculty and our mentor Prof Vibhav Singh, we believe that this would set the foundation stone for Dhruva to reach greater heights in future.”

IIM Trichy, which until now hosted the business and cultural festivals separately, hosted the fest in the business-cum-cultural format for the first time.